I often go to a fancy supermarket because they make these particular donut holes that I like. Sometimes I see famous people there. These are the ones I remember off the top of my head. - J
  1. Halle Berry.
    She was wearing cut-offs and standing next to me in the cake mix aisle. She looked resplendent. I did not make a cake that day.
  2. Pharrell.
    He was wearing a hat but not THE hat.
  3. Michael Vartan.
    This was while Alias was still on. He later ended up meeting his WIFE AT THAT MARKET. WHY NOT ME?? (I had not washed my hair that day.)
  4. Diana Ross.*
    She looked glorious. *This was actually at the Ralph's across the street from the Bristol Farms.
  5. Will Arnett.
    He was VERY handsome and also really quite tan.
  6. Sidney Poitier
    !!!!! I was man-handling some avocados when I heard his unmistakeable voice asking a question of the produce guy. Even the normally blasé check-out dude was excited.