I am sure I am forgetting some. (A companion piece to Celebrities I've Seen At the Supermarket: Celebrities I Have Seen at the Supermarket)
  1. Mischa Barton
    This was when The OC was still on TV but I can't remember if Coop was - Spoiler! - still alive at this point. She was wearing a fur and seemed irritated. I miss Mischa Barton.
  2. Tom Mison
    This was not particular surprising because it happened when Heather and I were leaving Wilmington after our Sleepy Hollow set visit. I almost didn't recognize him in The Hair and Clothing of Modern Times. HE IS HANDSOME.
  3. Lisa Vanderpump with Ken AND JIGGY
    Heather doesn't watch RHoBH but she was very happy I was so happy about this. Jiggy and Lisa were both in purple.
  4. Janet Jackson
    Janet had A LOT of luggage. Like, a LOT. Literally. I don't know her emotional life.
  5. Paula Abdul
    Paula looks great in person and wears VERY high heels in the airport.
  6. Cody Simpson
    He wore one of those hats that is ostensibly to disguise himself but basically does the opposite. It was huge.
  7. SWINTON!!!!!!!
    She looked majestic and was everything you would wish. When she strolled up to the gate, I knew that flight would arrive safely because SWINTON WOULD PROTECT US.
  8. The kid in Perks of Being a Wallflower
    I don't know if it was Logan Lerman or Ezra Miller, because I didn't see him - Heather just told me that SHE saw him.
  9. Mark Ruffalo
    He totally saw Heather go, "JESS, IT'S MARK RUFFALO," much like the time Reba McEntire saw me yell "OH MY GOD IT'S REBA MCENTIRE" while we were both at a stoplight. A story for another list.