People I'd Rather Have Heard Call the World Series Than Joe Buck

  1. John Madden
  2. Chewbacca
  3. Two fifteen-year olds who mistakenly believe they are drunk
  4. A lion that just recently ate a copy of a Jonathan Franzen novel
  5. Mickey Mouse
  6. A baby
  7. Taylor Swift
  8. Fran Drescher as The Nanny
  9. Max Headroom
  10. All the Geico spokespeople/objects from the past, together in one room, jockeying for two mics
  11. Kate Middleton and Fred Willard, together at last
  12. A SpongeBob audio birthday card that is running out of batteries
  13. A hockey player without his dentures, who also isn't actually watching the game
  14. Celine Dion
  15. Siri
    Suggested by   @MichaelRose