Hulu has seasons 1-14, which are the ones you really want. ("Cycles," I mean. Sorry, Tyra.) You need to revisit ANTM, trust me. - J
  1. "WHAT is Tyra WEARING?"
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    I am obviously preparing a post for GFY.
  2. "Holy shit, Tyra is gorgeous."
  3. "Okay, but Tyra actually really knows a lot about modeling."
    She is personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of civilians elongating their necks in photos.
  4. "Dude. The fashion of the early aughts was BAD."
    Remember when we all thought formal flip-flops with kitten heels were super chic? WHY?
  5. "Models crying is basically always good TV."
    Season two is ALL CRYING and it is glorious.
    Great fun, unless you are the baby crying because Tyra gave you a weave you dislike. Get over it!
  7. "Seriously, this show is REALLY GOOD."
    Remember when Shandi slept with that hot Italian dude? Respieto? The fight about the granola bars? JADE?! It all holds up.
  8. "'...continue on in the hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model' is redundant, right?"
    It should just be "continue."
  9. "Hey! There's Heather's credit!"
    It is always fun to see your friend's name on TV.
  10. "What is even happening here?"
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    I like the idea that all of Tyra's interviews took place on a cloud.
  11. "I remember a lot of details about old ANTM contestants but not what I had for lunch yesterday."