Various Emojis That Could Work for Barfing Since That Doesn't Seem to Truly Exist

Sports-induced or otherwise... brought to you by ND-USC. Go Irish!
  1. 😖 is fairly barfy, in a pinch
  2. 😤 could be barfing through your nose
  3. 😝 is freshly post-barf
  4. 😱 is I Am Lying On The Bathroom Floor Waiting To Barf But My Body Won't Do It WHY GOD I Am Never Drinking Tequila Again
  5. 😷 is I've Been Barfing For 36 Hours Straight
  6. 😜 is I Just Barfed At This Party But I'm Not Going To Tell The Dude I Want To Hook Up With Because Why Ruin Things So Give Me Another Beer
  7. 🙀 is I Have Barfed Myself Into Another Species