My Top Albums (of all time)

these are my fav albums from the past years
  1. I Love You, Honeybear
    my obsession with Father John Misty began from the first moment I heard this album, and skyrocketed when I saw him in concert and he HELD MY HAND during one of his songs.
  2. The Life of Pablo
    I've always loved Kanye, but I believe this is his best album. Amazing for fun days with great friends, especially at the beach.
  3. Lemonade
    This new Beyoncé album got me through the last few weeks of school. Best when PARTYING.
  4. All We Need
    Raury's music is new to me, and it's unlike anything I've heard. He's incredibly creative and has his own sound, and I love it.
  5. I Speak Because I Can
    Laura Marling has the voice of an angel. This is my go to album when I really feel the need to sing extraordinarily loud.
  6. Trouble Will Find Me
    I've always loved The National. Matt's voice is so deep and soothing, it makes me cry.
  7. Too Bright
    This album is different than the normal alternative sound, Mike's voice can go from gentle to intense in one song, and it's always lovely to hear him.
  8. Wilder Mind
    I've seen Mumford and Sons twice, but more recently I saw them perform this album live, and it was one of the most magical nights of my life. They are extremely talented and enthusiastic about their music.
  9. I Forget Where We Were
    Ben Howard is really great for the soul. His music makes you feel.
  10. Ardipithecus
    Willow's voice ranges from light to harsh throughout each song. The songs are different, yet similar, and all have amazing beats and harmony.
  11. Fleet Foxes
    This album reminds me of really happy times. Whenever I listen to fleet foxes I can't help but smile.
  12. This Is All Yours
    Alt-J has been a favorite of mine for many years. I've seen them live, and they're absolutely incredible. Their music is electric and creepy, but it's super unique.
  13. Sound and Color
    I feel more connected to Alabama Shakes because their hometown is close to where I've grown up. Brittany's voice is truly so soulful. Although all of their albums are great, I believe this one captures their true sound.
  14. Wonder Where We Land
    SBTRKT is an upbeat band with great bass and lyrics. This album is most enjoyable during a road trip or a pool day.
  15. Half The City
    St. Paul and the Broken Bones are relatively new to me, but Paul's rich voice made me immediately love this album.
  16. Shallow Grave
    The Tallest Man on Earth has a peaceful, yet raspy voice accompanied by his acoustic guitar, making a wonderful combination.
  17. Conditions
    This soft album by The Temper Trap revolves around kind ideas of love.
  18. Blue Neighbourhood
    Troye Sivan's first full album features his young voice and his ideas of love and lust.