If you're buying someone else's home, you're bound to come across strange things. Because, let's face it, people are weird.
  1. Christmas decorations. Everywhere. In May.
  2. Two dogs that won't stop humping your leg.
  3. A gold-framed poster of The Kenan & Kel Show logo.
  4. A collection of old dolls from the 1950's.
  5. A box of VHS porn tapes.
  6. A teddy bear in a kid's room whose eyes you swear are following you.
  7. A door that leads to no where.
  8. Blood. And not just a little, but CSI-level blood.
  9. Lingerie. Men's lingerie.
  10. Three copies of "How to be a Circus Clown for Dummies."
  11. Tony Danza.
  12. A plate of home-made cookies with a hand-written sign next to them that says, 'try one and you won't be sorry.'