Well, @ChrisK is right and there are lots of sounds. This is a TL; DR for most of you. The setup: Manhattan Plaza Park, 43rd St btw 9/10th aves NYC, 6pm. Without further ado...
  1. Cars decelerating as the approached the light
  2. Loafer tassels smacking the shoes to which they are attached
  3. Guy hocking a lougie (this is so gross I care not about its spelling)
  4. Squirrels clicking
  5. Car horns
  6. Cars accelerating to make the light
  7. Sniffles
  8. The crinkle of plastic shopping bags
  9. Guy exclaiming OOooh as he walked by looking at his phone
  10. Box truck's cargo door rattling
  11. Squeaky brakes
  12. Kids tag-teaming a story about their day
  13. Dog nails tapping along the sidewalk
  14. Aluminum can dropping into trash can landing against another can
  15. Dog tags jingling
  16. Rolling of carry-on wheels
  17. Slapping of flip flops against feet
  18. Spanish lady on the phone
  19. Paper shopping bag hitting against its carrier
  20. Keys rattling in a door
  21. The shuffling of shoes by someone who is not picking up their feet to walk
    A trip in the making
  22. Men's dress shoes against the sidewalk at a brisk pace
  23. Tires peeling out
  24. Two kids, "I like your dog"
    Thanks, guys me too
  25. Third kid, "Can I pet your dog?"
    After clearing it with her accompanying grown up and a brief How to Approach My Dog 101, she got super over excited and asked to hold the leash. Sorry, kid, that's a firm no.
  26. Electric wheel chair motor
  27. Third kid's dad: Come on, honey, we have to go
    He was nice enough
  28. Keys jingling in a pocket
  29. A couple of dogs barking
    Not mine; he's not a public barker, he saves it for home at playtime and when he confuses the meter reader for our murderer
  30. Coins being rattled in someone's hand
  31. Some guy whistling some sort of signal
  32. Kid dragging his tennis racket along the park's concrete wall
  33. Granny/grocery cart rolling along
  34. Leaves blowing down the sidewalk
  35. Motorcycle engine
  36. UPS truck
  37. Car idling
  38. Kid laughing
  39. Grown man laughing
  40. Weird buzzy ringtone, a high pitched single note, sustained
  41. Bike bell
  42. Delivery bike with bags shaking in its basket
  43. Helicopter
  44. Sidewalk vendor's loaded hand truck rolling by
  45. Hybrid taxis
    I can ID those and the Crown Vics coming down the street by their sound alone
  46. Lady's high heels clicking the sidewalk at a moderate pace
  47. Man coughing
  48. Lady's cane hitting the sidewalk along side her right foot
  49. Bike chain
  50. Lady coughing
  51. Bonus: trash being emptied
  52. Bonus: Carriage horse heading home for the day
  53. I noted it on paper
    B14bca2d 6567 488e b4c4 b72424a6a947
  54. We sat here
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