Hi friends! I last posted 6w ago. Since then...
  1. Tindering
    Dates: one emotionally void yet well endowed (I chase with open eyes); one compassionate feminist (kind soul); one who mildly assaulted me and called to have a second round (nope)
  2. Started a new job
    At the Weather Company (aka the Weather Channel); I predict success
  3. Bakasana
    Crow pose has been the bane of my 15-yr strong yoga practice. I finally got it, one week ago; I got so excited that I fell out
  4. Tantra meditation
    Holy mother of the universe, this is real and it is other worldly; is this what heroin feels like?
  5. Wrecked my foot
    Walking the dog, I twisted my foot into a tree well and landed with all of my weight on the outside of the foot. I am to stay off of it for 6 weeks, which will wreck my brain. List on that tk. Eastern medicine is the bomb, though, and List on that tk also.
  6. Met @vp and @DanaDigsYou at the same time at @dave and @lspencer's house
    More fun than you can shake a stick at
  7. What'd I miss around here?