This is how we ListApp, all the lists in the app, and relist them from here to there.
  1. It is any night
  2. I feel alright
    Or just like sharing
  3. The party is here on the West Side
    Silicon Beach, right?
  4. I reach for my 40
    ...items for my list
  5. And I load it up
  6. Designated ListAppers take they keys to my @'s
  7. Hit the sofa cause I'm listing
  8. ListAppers in the street say, "@bjnovak @dev yo you made it!"
  9. It feels so good in my List tonight
  10. The beta app crew all and newbies all clammy
  11. All the Launch skeptics got on board one at a time
  12. You gotta get your drafts out, before @john makes you
  13. So type up your list and throw your hands up
  14. And let me here the ListApp say