And here I display my stone cold heart, in no particular order of emotional void 😶
  1. Inside Out
    I'm a monster, apparently. It was touching, but even Bing Bong couldn't rip out a tear.
  2. The Notebook
    It had the opposite effect; my friend kicked me out of the room.
  3. My Girl
    I had already read the book; didn't cry there either. I am an animal.
  4. Titanic
    I can't believe anybody cried at this; I was more in awe of the sinking ship. No surprises here.
  5. Stepmom
    Nope, not even a chin quiver, because I feel nothing.
  6. Toy Story
    Any of them, even the last one. This is the most baffling of all since that hand-holding scene should have pierced my armor. GREAT storytelling though.