See the companion "did not cry" list for baseline cold-heartedness
  1. The Color Purple
    Wailed when: Celie and her sister were separated, "nothing but death can keep me from her!" Shug's reconciliation with her father. The sister's subsequent reunion. Cried like an animal reading the book too. How Whoopi Goldberg, or anyone in the cast for that matter, did not win all of the awards that year is a testament to small-mindedness.
  2. Dancer in the Dark
    So much hope and so much crushing defeat. Can't even listen to the soundtrack even though it is also glorious. Just too sad to bear.
  3. Steel Magnolias
    Sally Field's animal-like cries in the cemetery. Knowing it's coming. I'm choked up thinking about this.
  4. Up
    I cried so uncontrollably in the theater that I frightened the kids sitting near me. Oh, Ellie, I miss you even today.
  5. Still Alice
    Probably because Alzheimer's runs in my family and this managed to play directly into my worst fears for my own mom.
  6. The Neverending Story
    Specifically when Atreyu's horse drowns in the swamp. Damnit that was sad. When we went to see this in the movie theatre I cried so hysterically I had to be removed. Thus ushering in lifelong animal-death trauma.
  7. Into The West
    Please tell me someone here has seen this film- an Irish movie with Gabriel Byrne playing a widower father of two. Their gypsy grandfather gives them a horse then there's an epic journey with a hugely emotional climax. Currently tearing up. Tragically underrated film. Cried in the theater as a child then had the gall to buy the $5bin VHS to keep the tears flowing at home. Great performances by all, especially the kids.