Because it's more accessible than going to therapy all day everyday. Add yours like you're throwing a life preserver.
  1. The One You Feed
    Which wolf thrives? The one you feed. Interviews with people who have thought about their life and relationship with their wolves. "Open minded discussions of habits, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy, and motivation."
  2. Mental Illness Happy Hour
    Wait until you hear a great awfulsome moment. "The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a weekly conversation between a guest and comedian/host Paul Gilmartin, focusing on the battles we have in our heads and the damage we feel."
  3. Savage Love
    Sing it with me now: "If you stuck in a relationship quandary or if you're looking for sexual harmony; there's nothing you can't ask on the Savage Lovecast." My gold standard sex and relationship advice.
  4. Start Up
    Relating to the founders' experiences over the various seasons kept me sane when I was going through the trough of startup despair.
  5. The Mariya Alexander Show
    Mariya is a comic from Ukraine who grew up in DC. This comedy/variety show covers everything from politics to threesomes, finding the absurdity in it all.
    Suggested by   @13spencer