They did NOT put the love on top 💔
  1. "You're racist against white people"
    I'm half Brasilian, he's a pure bread white dude. I was the brownest person ever to date into his family. To be fair, I made a lot of comments about white people and how they love to dine outdoors right until the sidewalk freezes and belong to clubs where I am generally unwelcome. This came out later in the process. That I still get defensive about it now makes me question my implicit biases against Caucasians. Something to explore...
  2. "I'm really worried about your body type and exercise habits"
    It was difficult not to light him on fire for this one. He is a maniacal exerciser (and at the time he had a very active coke and pill habit that I did not share in), I was fine. He didn't complain about my ass in bed, though.
  3. "You're not wife and mother material"
    💯 for objectification. This was how he opened and closed the conversation. On the phone. Long distance. After three years. After planning marriage. If ever there is a way to burn a bridge, may I recommend this standout from the menu of horrors.
  4. "You value work too highly"
    Because I supported myself and then him. And I like working. What he meant was that I wasn't barefoot in the kitchen (because rent isn't free and I was paying it).
  5. "My family doesn't like you"
    I guess I never nailed the Christmas presents or something. Decision by committee.
  6. 'You ruined our family'
    Said to me one day after I left. No, your unrealistic view of a stay-at-home mother and wife are what ruined the family. One simply cannot do everything.
    Suggested by @Perchlakegirl
  7. Maybe we could just go back to casually dating and see what happens.
    About a month after the official breakup talk (the broken-up relationship had spanned two insecure and anxiety-ridden years, during which my main complaint was that he behaved in a way that suggested he didn't want to be in a relationship with me) so short answer: NAH ✌️
    Suggested by @lgw
  8. "A lot of people that meet in college get married, and I could see that happening to us. But right now, I want to hook up with other people"
    Suggested by @kira
  9. "Heavy metal is too important to you."
    How. Dare. You. This is no longer a question of whether we are still dating, it's a question of you leaving this room with all your teeth.
    Suggested by @duchess
  10. I only said that cuz I wanted to make you feel bad
    OHHHHHH, ok, cool, that's fine then.
    Suggested by @dave
  11. I've always cheated on you, since day 1.
    After 9years, 2 miracle kids & everyone thinking we were the perfect couple...
    Suggested by @T
  12. "I knew from day 1 that you were going to be a lot of work but I couldn't help myself."
    Said after we broke up 5 years later.
    Suggested by @element75