Sometimes I want to go where no one knows my screen name
  1. Scroll deep into @Chapin on Twitter
    Also his Instagram. Looking forward to those Lists.
  2. The Dodo
    But none of the animal cruelty stuff
  3. There's something so voyeuristic there; what is the thing, who did it, are they hiring?
  4. Julieanne Smolinkski / @boobsradley
    Another Twitter deep end. "@BoobsRadley: "'Actually, we've met.' - probably the real monster of this handshake"
  5. Product Hunt
    A k-hole, tied with PSFK pre-membership
  6. Feminist tumblr pages
    Love-filled and rage-filled
  7. Dating fails - specifically Tinder
    Although sometimes I'll just hit @DanaDigsYou's myriad dating-themed lists
  8. Watts.on and pitbullsofinstagram on Instagram
    Art and dogs