Real life handy dandy tips that have reduced some of life's points of friction. πŸŽ‡The more you know! πŸŽ‡
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    A stuffable Kong is cheaper than all those treats
    Dog treats are a racket; I finally am stuffing a Kong with all kinds of healthy goodies and the dog is loving it. Reduced the cost per treat by $$$
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    The steroid creams only worsen eczema
    "Life is a journey." I embrace the lifelong journey of eczema management.
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    Diva cup/ Soft cup/ Menstrual cups
    Why did I resist throughout the '00s? I read Bitch and Bust and hosted a women's (with the loosest definition of the term) group at my apartment in college. I read Cunt when I was too young. Why did I resist the cups?
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    Coconut oil and all of its uses. Ditto for cocoa butter.
    Cook it, bathe in it, sex it, all of it
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    People really will remember how you made them feel
    When I are feeling shy or not like sharing, an easy "tell me how you're doing!" gets that ball rolling.
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    The Neti Pot is a life-altering health aid
    I have @johndeguzman to thank for bringing this into my life a few years ago. My Neti pot has traveled the world with me. Brush teeth, wash face, Neti pot. Morning and night and sometimes in between.
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    Shut up and don't treat work like high school
    Courtesy, respect, professionalism, and just enough concern for others that reminds everyone that we're humans. I'm all for a work wife-husband-BFF but I'm drawing my line at some point.
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    Going to class is 90%* of the grade
    Showing up is half the battle, etc etc. I had to go back to college to learn this one. *actual percentages may vary
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    Louis CK said it best in a Fresh Air interview (and I will brutally paraphrase it here): it's really hard to be down or feel too bad about yourself when you're useful. So I go be useful to someone else. I call it being of service.
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    Pee after sex
    Not foolproof but I stopped getting UTIs when I started making this a habit. Once we talk about consent, protection and birth control, this is #4 on my daughters' future sex talk list.
    Suggested by Β  @ladyprofessor