Social dating sites have seen a recent explosion in the amount of users and activity. But are they really as magical as the cheesy music and commercial suggest? Not at all, and here are 5 reasons why.
  1. The candy shop effect
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    Think about it: there is a near endless revolving door of people to choose from. The choice is so vast that not only is an overload, but sets the threshold for dealing with problems so low since, at the first whiff of trouble, it's back to the candy store.
  2. An ode to the
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    You're never going to really learn anything about a person you meet online since they're putting their best foot forward to attract the most interest. You'll have shallow connections at best that may mask as actual connection because that's what you want it to be, but isn't in reality.
  3. Whoooo, it was a spooky ghost 👻
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    Since the people you meet have no commitment or investment in you, outside maybe some shallow sex and money, they can be gone just as fast as they came around aka "ghosting ". The result is a myriad of wasted time and connections that's going to manifest in negative ways eventually. The Huffington Post has an extensive article about this ephemeral phenomenon.
  4. 99.9 % are fresh off an ex
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    Everyone feels like Shaq after a breakup, and are gunning for a double double in points and rebounds. You're Mr./Miss right now, and are as expendable as a disposable diaper as soon as Romeo/Juliet comes hither
  5. We think we know what we want, but we really don't
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    He likes vanilla ice, you like the Beatles; he likes beer, you like wine. It's easy to go through the endless amount of profiles and pick out the "perfect mate". But this presupposes that we actually know what we want. As open as dating sites are, they're actually very limiting because it makes it easy to zero-in on characteristics we think we want. If we knew what we wanted in a partner, we'd have it. If you're on a social dating site, that's clearly not the case.