List Appers I Drew While Watching "Making a Murderer"

Drawing one apper per episode. Feel free to leave a picture of yourself so I can draw you! If I have drawn you and you want the original, email me your info and I'll send it to you!
  1. @olive as pictured in one of her posts (the one about butt pics )
  2. @DanaDigsYou dana's profile pic. 😏 (sorry the colors are runny, I didn't wait for them to dry)
  3. @tombatten with his head stuck in a stair case.
  4. @marymurphy drinking a Mountain Dew.
  5. @mallofamanda baking in the kitchen.u
  6. @simplyshelli being super adorable.
  7. @ellasabo sorry it took so long. I suck at keeping up with social media 😐