My boss is a wealthy 60 year old white man. He has this huge fear of becoming irrelevant so he tries everything in his power to stay "hip" and with it.
  1. He recently got the IPhone 6s and was trying to get Siri to work. He kept yelling "HEY SIRI" at his phone multiple times and started to get frustrated when Siri wouldn't respond.
  2. I then tell him that he needs to hold down the home button as he talks to Siri. He then laughs and proceeds to push down the home button but releases the button before he starts talking. This goes on for a good five minutes.
  3. He still couldn't get Siri to work. So he starts to read the instructions... He laughs and says "I was suppose to say HELLO SIRI, not HEY SIRI" and proceeds to try again. This time yelling loudly "HELLO SIRI" instead if "hey Siri" while pushing down the home button.
  4. He still can't get Siri to work. So I take over and realize he was not connected to the wifi nor did he have internet service on his phone at that moment.
  5. Hence why Siri wasn't responding.
  6. I think he would get along with @Mom and @dad- Jussayin