Things My Boss Does to Stay Hip and Relevant Pt2

My boss is a wealthy 60 year old white man who has a fear of being irrelevant.
  1. Not too long ago, he decided to start a music label. Mainly focusing on hip hop.
  2. Earlier that year he was at the club, and met a rapper and they quickly became friends.
  3. With his new interest in hip hop, he asked me to do research on the genre and mainly asked me to help him understand the wu tang clan and what they were about.
  4. After reading the research that I had presented to him, and listening to his new rapper friends mix tape, he concluded that he did not like the vulgar lyrics that were in the songs, therefore decided that he would be writing the new songs.
  5. He wrote 4 songs about friends, family and the drama that entails of being in a relationship. He paid someone for already made beats for his new rapper friend to rap to and his singer friend to sing to.