Wtf happened to this app?!

I've been gone for so long and I'm ashamed. I'm sorry.. please take me back!
  1. Guys. I left for more than a year. This app is so fancy now. Here's what I've been up to since...
  2. Went to Hawaii! 'Twas very needed. I learned how to surf and I'm thinking about continuing it here in California.
  3. My car got broken into and my purse was stolen!
  4. I made a painting
  5. I went to Japan, China and Korea. Fun fact. The person I went with got jumped and stabbed in Japan.
  6. Made a website to feature my artwork. Check it out!
  7. I got some new ink!
  8. Ate all the fried chickens.
  9. And got some super Asian bangs.
  10. Stayed drug free for over 2.5 years 💪🏻