The good and the bad things that happened in 2015!
  1. In January, my sister Amy headed to Nebraska to start as a reporter for KNOP news (an NBC branch). I miss her a lot, but I am thankful for the times I can see her! :-)
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  2. I got to see my Aunt (actually second cousin; she's my dad's cousin) Ruth, who is one of my (s)heroes because she works as a midwife for Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone. She and my Aunt Dottie (great-aunt actually) came for lunch at my grandma's house in March and I had fun catching up with them!
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  3. In May, our one cat Lacey got really sick with cancer in her mouth. There wasn't much we could do but make her comfortable and see what happened. She cuddled with me every day and snuggled with her twin brother Lance. The day we put her to sleep, she stayed underneath my bed and the boys all came up and nuzzled her nose to say goodbye.
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  4. In June, we went to see my Uncle Curt, Aunt Teri, and two of my new cousins at their lake house in Missouri. It was nice to unplug and relax. I rode on my uncle's boat and we hung out a lot. Amy came too, and it was so much fun to see her again! I also met Judy Blume and Meg Worlitzer at an event!
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  5. July was my birthday month! :-) Amy was also able to come home for my birthday, and we had a nice dinner at Rillo's, an Italian restaurant in my hometown. My neighbor Mr. Hall's birthday is the same day as mine, so we had lunch and cake at the Pizza Grille. It was fun! And I got to see my grandpa, whose birthday is the day before mine.
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  6. August brought the end of summer, two trips to Knoebels Grove, and the start of a new school year for the kiddos I work with part-time as a teacher for the Mechanicsburg Learning Center. We go to Knoebels every year for my mom's birthday, and it was also the place for the MLC end of summer picnic!
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  7. September brought a new grad school class for me! I'm working toward my masters degree in education with an emphasis on children's literature. I've enjoyed every class I've taken! After my next class I'll be halfway through! I also met Rebecca Alexander at a book signing! She's inspirational to me!
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  8. October was Halloween! I don't go out trick or treating, but I love hanging out candy to everyone! My cat Snowflake wanted to go out too!
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  9. November brought some happiness and sadness. I reconnected with my former aide from kindergarten and first grade and we made plans to get together. I saw Lee Ann Womack in concert too! Thanksgiving was wonderful too! Amy couldn't make it home, but we all talked to her on the phone before we ate. The day after thanksgiving Lance passed away.
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  10. Finally December brought a lot of happiness! :-) my friend (former aide) and I baked cookies together at her house. It was so nice to be able to reconnect with her, and I can't wait to get together again! Amy came home and we celebrated Christmas! And a short story I wrote was picked up by Diverse Voices Quarterly to be published!
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  11. So happy new year to all from my family to yours! Hope your 2016 is wonderful!
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