90's Disney Channel Shows I Loved

I was very fortunate to be one of the neighborhood kids to have the Disney channel in the 1990's. We lost it in 1999, but we gained it back with a cable upgrade a few months later. I remember watching a lot of great shows on it, so I wanted to list some! I'll make a separate list for Disney channel movies!
  1. Adventures in wonderland
    This was definitely my favorite show on the Disney channel! I wasn't a big fan of the animated Alice in wonderland Disney movie, but I loved this modernized musical and educational show. I learned about an oxymoron, as well as some sign language from April Hare (the March Hare's cousin played by Marlee Matlin). I still love watching this show on YouTube!
  2. Ready or not
    After school, I had to get home to see this! I loved how Amanda and Busy's friendship stayed strong no matter what. I also thought it was what high school would be like, but I enjoyed my experience so much more. I related to Amanda because she loved to write, and I also found Chrissy very funny. Plus she looked like Taylor Dayne with that hair!
  3. Under the umbrella tree
    Anyone remember this show? Gloria, iggy, Jacob, and their human friend Holly all lived together. I loved Holly and thought she was a great friend to the gang.
  4. The baby-sitters club
    Sing it with me, "say hello to your friends! Baby-sitters club! Say hello to the people who care! Nothing's better than friends. Baby sitters club! Cause you know that your friends are always there!" Sorry for the earworm! My favorite episode was when the club solves a mystery about who is spying on the baby-sitters and revealing secrets.
  5. Jim Henson's mother goose stories
    If you know me well, then you know I'm obsessed with any form of Mother Goose, no matter if she is a goose or human! My parents taped this off the Disney channel in 1990, and I watched it so much that the tape broke. Fortunately it was released on DVD and is now available for streaming on Hulu!