90's Toys My Sister and I Had

My sister Amy and I had a lot of toys as kids. We were allowed to make as big of a mess we wanted in the attic (our playroom) as long as we could still move around in it, and as long as we cleaned it all up when we were having a sleepover. Here are some of the many toys we had! All pictures are from Google!
  1. Flower Magic Mary
    This was the first toy I saw in a TV commercial and really wanted, and I got her for Christmas 1995 from Santa. I loved the Velcro flowers and the ring that I could put a flower on for me!
  2. Phone Fun Courtney
    She was my favorite Barbie doll as a kid! I liked that she had a toy phone! The only two downsides were her flat feet, so she couldn't wear any of Barbie's high heels and that her head popped off a lot!
  3. Barbie motor home
    Amy and I loved taking our barbies on big road trips in the motor home. I still remember the commercial for it too!
  4. Barbie airplane
    "The plane has landed!" That was the message from my aunt on the answering machine when she found the Barbie airplane for Amy's birthday. Now we could take our barbies to London and Paris in our imaginations!
  5. American girl dolls
    Molly was the first doll I got from the Easter bunny in 1996, while Amy got Samantha. Between us for several Christmases afterwards, we got the whole collection, with some American girl dolls of today. A cradle in our attic houses our dolls now.
  6. Polly pockets
    We had a big Polly pocket collection, and we still have them today in our basement!
  7. Pound puppy playpen
    I wasn't a huge fan of pound puppies as a kid, but I did enjoy playing with this play set here and there.
  8. Backpack club dolls
    These dolls came out when I was in fourth grade. They were cool because each backpack opened up to a play set. I loved Brooke the most because her backpack opened up to a camp out with marshmallows! I had the bigger backpacks too!