Albums That Played a Role in My Childhood

I listened to these albums over and over again on either vinyl record or cassette tape or CD. I still enjoy a lot of these albums today on my iPod and on my Crosley record players!
  1. Sesame Street Sing Along
    The Sesame Street gang goes on a drive to Bert's Uncle Louie's farm and they pass the time by singing songs. My parents got this for me at a flea market when I was little. My great-grandma would put it on the wrong speed, so the characters sounded weird. I'll always remember that. Yes, I still have it on vinyl record and on my iPod!
  2. Raffi's albums: baby beluga, singable songs for the very young, more singable songs, rise and shine, and raffi's Christmas album
    I had to put every one I have on this list. Raffi played a huge role in my childhood and now I follow him on Twitter.
  3. Barney's Favorites volume 1 -Barney and friends
    I was a big Barney fan from ages 3 to 7. I remember being thrilled when I got a Barney tape that I could listen to on my Sony kids tape player. You know, the red one with the colored buttons and the big yellow speaker? I'd listen to that over and over, even outside as I played on my swingset. My next door neighbor threatened to shoot my tape player (as a joke, of course), but eventually his grandson was a Barney fan. :-) Sadly, the tape eventually got eaten by my dad's car tape player.
  4. Blue -Leann rimes
    This was the first album I bought that wasn't children's music. I saw her concert special on the Disney channel and really liked her voice. I had her first four albums on cassette, and I now have all her albums on CD and one on vinyl record.
  5. ...Baby One More Time -Britney Spears
    I first heard " one more time" at the local roller skating rink when I was nine, but I didn't get the CD until I was ten from my grandpa. We got it on cassette tape too. In San Francisco, my sister and I got to see Britney at an autograph signing. We didn't meet her, but we did wave and she waved back. I still love listening to her music!