Here are my best friends in chronological order! I'm thankful to still be friends with a lot of them today!
  1. Amy
    Along with my mom, my sister Amy will always be my number one bestie no matter what! I love making memories with her every time she's home, whether it's through Starbucks runs or just hanging out watching Law & Order: SVU!
  2. Melissa
    She was my first kindergarten BFF. I loved playing at her house because she would push me on the swing and we would jump on her trampoline. We also would eat cool whip straight out of the container! We lost touch because of being in different grades, but I'm still in touch with her on Facebook.
  3. Megan H.
    I did kindergarten twice, and she became my BFFL! She always stuck up for me, was very caring, and helped if I needed it. We now work together as teachers at an after-school program.
  4. Emily
    I met her in sixth grade. She didn't have a lot of friends, so Megan and I began hanging out with her a lot, and we just clicked. We're still friends, but not as close as we were, and that's okay. I'm thankful for the memories we do have together! I love this picture of us with Megan from our high school graduation!
  5. Sara
    I met Sara, who moved to PA from GA, in choir in ninth grade because she was stuck in it since the other electives were full. We got along immediately, and we became even closer when we found out we lived around the corner from each other! She moved half an hour away in eleventh grade, but we still remained friends. We reconnected when we went to the same community college and are still close today!
  6. Marie
    I met Marie in eleventh grade when we sang in the all girls choir together. She would help me with music because I learned music by ear, not by sight singing. She helped me with dancing in the school musical too. We became extremely close and I visited her at college and grad school for her performances. She is a phenomenal singer! We don't see each other as much, but we text, call, and post on social media a lot. And I try to go and see her performances when she's close by!
  7. Megan C.
    I thought Megan C was cool off the bat because she was from the United Kingdom! She also has the kindest heart! She moved back to the UK for college, and I wish I was still in touch with her. But I'm glad I have the notes she wrote me! :-)
  8. Mandi
    Mandi and I met originally through girl scouts as kids, but I didn't know her too well. We reconnected in high school and I'm so thankful we did! We would go to the movies together a few times during the summer and at Christmastime, and we would eat dinner at Olive Garden (her favorite place). I feel very fortunate that the last film we saw together was Winnie the Pooh. She had cystic fibrosis and passed away a few years ago and I'll always remember her.
  9. Brittany
    In community college, my original major was journalism and then I switched to English my second semester. I worked on the newspaper and published a few articles. I didn't stay on it because of transferring to Penn State, but I did meet a lifelong friend through it. Some of the other girls weren't very nice to Brittany and would talk about her, but I got to know her and found that we have a lot in common. We're both writers, avid readers, and love Alison Krauss! I love getting together with her!
  10. Kristin
    From ages 12 to 21, I attended an annual event called the Sports Jamboree, which is an Olympics for kids who happen to be legally or totally blind or in wheelchairs. Kristin has kept me laughing from the moment I met her! She continues to make me smile today with her jokes, her random outbursts into song, and just being there when I need a friend! The age limit was lifted on the Jamboree this year, so I look forward to attending again and making more memories together!