Alternative Ashleys

Inspired by @LizDawson; I'm proud to share my name with other Ashleys. Here are some!
  1. Ashley Judd
    I admire her acting and activism. She's amazing!
  2. Ashley Olsen
    I was told as a child that I resembled the Olsen twins. I'm always proud to share my name with a favorite childhood icon!
  3. Ask Ashley from All That
    I used to pretend I was her all the time! :-) "that's me!"
  4. Ashley furniture
    I always felt proud to share my name with a local furniture store!
  5. Ashley Johnson
    I loved her as Chrissie on Growing Pains! She was adorable and hysterical with her lines. Now my mom watches her on Blindspot.
  6. Ashley spinelli from Recess
    I loved how she wasn't afraid to pick a fight with anyone over anything, but she also showed her vulnerable side at times.