Back From My Break

Lots of things happened this past week, so I decided to come back!
  1. I talked to my former elementary school aide on the phone on Tuesday. She is retired, and she invited me over to bake cookies sometime in December! I'm excited!
  2. Thanksgiving was a good day! Everyone (except for my sister) was together for the holiday. The food was delicious and the company was good. And we all watched football.
  3. On Friday, we lost Lance, one of our cats. He had been sick for a while, and on Wednesday, he started having seizures. I was by myself and scared, so I called my parents. He held on until early Friday morning. We buried him in our backyard.
  4. We celebrated Small Business Saturday by going to an antique store downtown. I found a Lady Elaine Fairchild puppet. I didn't buy her, but it was neat to see. We also bought macarons from Helena's, our favorite patisserie and coffee shop.
  5. Today we hung out and watched football on TV. I also worked on my last paper for grad school. I just need to polish it up and submit it tomorrow, and then I have a final project to finish. I'll be done for the semester on Wednesday!