1. Lucille Ball
    She was timeless and hysterical! I loved watching her with my grandma and hearing her laugh so hard at Lucy's antics!
  2. Carol Burnett
    This was another show I watched with my grandma. I love the went with the wind sketch the most!
  3. Lily Tomlin
    I first met Ernestine the telephone operator on a Sesame Street New Year's Eve special when I was five. I loved how she drove Oscar the Grouch nuts as he tried to call his family! I kept imitating her all the time! Now I watch her Laugh In skits. Ernestine will always be my favorite of her characters! "One ringy dingy!"
  4. Ruth Buzzi
    She was another Sesame Street discovery for me at age five. She helped me not be afraid to go down a fireman pole on the school playground. I loved going into her store Finder's Keepers through the TV screen. You never knew who would meet in there! I also love her Gladys character who hit people with her purse!
  5. Gilda Radner
    I loved Roseanne Roseannadana the most! She was never afraid to be who she was. I wish she could still be around today. She and Emma Stone would be comedy gold!
  6. Laraine Newman
    I loved her as Little Flo Peep (Bo's forgetful cousin) on Sesame Street! I like her on SNL too and she does hysterical voiceovers! Fun fact: she voiced the mom on As Told by Ginger!
  7. Roseanne Barr
    I still enjoy her sitcom in reruns! She continues to crack me up with her Twitter feed.
  8. Julia Louis Dreyfus
    Giphy downsized medium
    She was yet another Sesame Street discovery as Kathy Lee Kathy. My favorite of her characters is Elaine, but I like that she is so much more than just Elaine now with having played Christine and Selina on other shows!
  9. Melissa McCarthy
    I loved her on Gilmore girls and she continues to make me laugh today in her movies. The Heat is my favorite!
  10. Ellen DeGeneres
    She was yet another actress I was introduced to on Sesame Street (and yes, she danced in that too)! I also love her message to "be kind" and I follow it daily!