Favorite 7 Films

The newest 7 list hashtag means a new list!
  1. A league of their own
    This has been my favorite movie ever since I was 11 years old. I watched it every day for the summer before I began sixth grade. I now have the whole thing memorized! It inspired me to do a project in my ninth grade United States history class and my teacher liked it so much, she let us watch the movie in class!
  2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    I remember unwrapping this video on Christmas morning when I was four and being so excited! This inspired a love for those adorable Seven Dwarfs, especially Dopey! I had a poster, a bracelet, a jacket, a beach towel, and my aunt sent a cookie recipe! I recently found that cookie recipe online on a Disney memorabilia blog, and now I want to make them!
  3. It's complicated
    This brings back a funny memory with my late grandpa. My aunt took my him and grandma (who were divorced) and me to see this in 2009. Halfway through, my grandpa leaned in and said, "what kind of a movie did you girls bring me to?!" He did enjoy it though. Then I saw it again with my mom and her friend who was having her ex-husband over for dinner, which made it even funnier! Nothing happened between them, but we still crack up thinking about it!
  4. Pollyanna
    I was the only kid in kindergarten who liked Hayley Mills's movies thanks to my great-grandma watching them with me. It made me forever fearful of climbing trees and a lifelong optimist.
  5. Pretty in Pink
    I got to see Molly Ringwald in concert and meet her after it a few years ago at a local theatre. While the concert was beautiful, she was kind of snobby. But I am glad she signed my DVD cover of my favorite of her films.
  6. Pete's Dragon
    I watched this over and over again when I was eight. We had a Disney compilation cassette tape with "candle on the water" on it and I loved the song so much. I got to visit the new cape Henry lighthouse in Virginia beach with my great-grandparents that year and I felt like Nora during that scene.
  7. Back to the Future
    I didn't watch this until high school, but this will always be my favorite in the trilogy. The music is great and I like the idea of time travel.
  8. #Fav7Films