My mom remembers watching ABC after-school specials as a kid, and I've enjoyed watching them now. I found some on DVD and others on YouTube. Here are some of my favorites!
  1. The Pinballs
    While I enjoyed the book more, I also liked this because Kristy mcnichol was in it.
  2. It's only rock and roll
    I liked this one because it has Gina (Allison Bartlett) from Sesame Street as an aspiring singer named Hallie and Carole King as her civics teacher Ms. Martin. Hallie finds her lyrics scrutinized because of the content and she fights against the local sheriff who wants to close the local record store down. Davy Jones also stars as a record executive. Here it is:
  3. Don't touch
    I found this on YouTube. Sadly, it's not on there anymore. I like the girl that played Karen! It also has cameos from Lisa bonet and Joey and Matt Lawrence!
  4. A family again
    This one aired the year I was born, and it introduced me to the adorable Judith barsi. I learned that she died on my actual birthday, July 25th, 1988. I want to see more of her movies.