Favorite Garry Marshall Movies and Shows (Rest in Peace)

Garry Marshall was one of my favorite film directors and sitcom creators. I was sad to learn of his death, so I wanted to make a list of my favorite films of his. I also loved guessing which of his family members were in his movies. I don't call that nepotism like he did; I call it remembering where you came from and helping a family member out!
  1. The Princess Diaries
    This was the first Garry Marshall movie I saw when I was thirteen at a drive-in. I saw it again two more times at the regular theater. I still have a book with pictures from the film and behind the scenes! I still love watching it today! And I love seeing his twin granddaughters, Charlotte and Lily Marshall, in the scene where Mia gives them her autograph.
  2. Pretty Woman
    I remember this on my parents' VHS tape shelf, but I didn't watch this until I was in college. Now I will always watch it when it's on TV!
  3. Beaches
    I first saw this movie when I was 18 and had a new best friend named Hillary! One of my favorite memories is the soundtrack, which my grandpa would blast out of the speakers of his car when he came to pick me up from school!
  4. Overboard
    My mom and I watched this movie on TV once and now I enjoy it every time it's on. I love that Goldie hawn and Kurt Russell became a couple in real life!
  5. Raising Helen
    I saw this movie with my friend Emily in ninth grade. I still love Kate Hudson in this!
  6. Laverne and Shirley
    Even though Nick at Nite aired this when I was young, I never watched it. Eventually my mom convinced me to get the first season of Laverne and Shirley at a music store when I was eighteen. Little did she know how much I would enjoy it and begin to drink milk and Pepsi thanks to Laverne! I feel that Garry perfected the buddy sitcom and influenced others, like Sam & Cat on Nickelodeon. I still love watching reruns of it and laughing!
  7. Happy Days
    I only remember watching one or two episodes of this with my mom. This also aired on Nick at Nite, but once again, I wasn't interested. I am planning on trying to watch it on Hulu though! I always thought the "sit on it" catchphrase was so funny during the commercials!
  8. Mork and Mindy
    My dad told me about watching this show and how much he liked Robin Williams. After watching clips and the pilot online, I see why Garry wanted him to play Mork. He had such a vibrant energy and lit up the TV and eventual movie screen with his comedic genius! Hey, Garry, say hi to Robin for everyone down here, okay? Rest in peace.
  9. Valentine's Day
    At first, I wasn't a big fan of this movie because of all the intertwined stories, but now I really like it!
  10. New Year's Eve
    I saw this with my aunt in college and liked it a lot more than Valentine's Day! I loved Penny Marshall's cameo too!
  11. I want to see Mother's Day too!
  12. Walter Harvey
    I'm throwing in a role I'll remember him as whenever I watch my favorite movie ever, A League of Their Own! He was hysterical as Walter Harvey.
  13. Rest in peace, Garry Marshall. Thank you for the memories!