One of my favorite summer memories of my childhood was getting to stay up late, watch nick at nite, and get ice cream from the ice cream truck on Tuesday and Thursday nights! Here are some shows my sister and I watched religiously over the years!
  1. The Brady bunch
    My sister and I were obsessed with this show! We acted out all of our favorites, like the lost locket and the Hawaii trip. I played Jan and she was Marcia. My favorite episode is the one when they go to kings island amusement park!
  2. The facts of life
    I felt like such a rebel when I watched this because it came on after I was supposed to be in bed. Sometimes we would camp out on the living room floor and after my mom fell asleep, my sister and I would watch until we fell asleep too. My favorite girls were Natalie and Blair, while my sister liked Jo and Blair.
  3. Three's company
    I didn't watch this until I was twelve, but I loved it immediately. I would laugh at John Ritter's antics and lines as Jack. He was so talented.
  4. I love lucy
    I owe nick at night and my grandmother immense gratitude for introducing me to this show! Lucy is timeless. My favorite is the chocolate factory scene!
  5. Cheers
    I started watching this when I was thirteen with my parents because of the content (and it was set in a bar). My favorite character was Carla, but I also related to Diane immensely because of our high intelligences. I went to the cheers bar in Boston in 2002, and it was so much fun!
  6. Friends
    I didn't watch it as a kid, but now as an adult, I'm a big fan of friends, and whenever my sister is home from Nebraska, we'll watch it late at night (another rebel show!) and laugh. I like Phoebe, and she likes Rachel!