Favorite TV moms and maternal figures

I watched a lot of TV growing up and I still do today! I wanted to list some of my favorite tv moms and maternal figures! Feel free to add yours too!
  1. Roseanne Conner -Roseanne
    She was a mom that was humorous and heartfelt. She never apologized for who she was, and she respected her kids for who they were, yet called them out on bad behavior or stupid decisions. I'm interested to see what they will do if they revive the show too!
  2. Lorelai Gilmore -Gilmore girls
    I loved Lorelai and Rory's relationship! Lorelai is such a cool mom!
  3. Elyse Keaton -Family Ties
    She was another mom with heartfelt honesty who respected her kids for who they were, but was never afraid to call them out on their behavior at times.
  4. Clair Huxtable -The Cosby Show
    She had a set of high standards for her children, but she also had silly moments with them. And at the end of the day, no matter what they did, she always loved them.
  5. Olivia Walton -The Waltons
    My mom suggested her.
  6. Caroline ingalls -Little House on the Prairie
    I always loved Little House on the Prairie, and Caroline raised her biological and adopted children to be good people with morals and hard work ethics. I liked how she helped Charles with manual labor and they had a mutual respect and love for each other too.
  7. Aunt Becky -Full House
    She was a great maternal figure for her three nieces!
  8. Frankie Heck
    Relatable. Kind of a trainwreck. Loves her kids with all their quirks. Life didn't turn out like her fantasy of the perfect family. Maybe a little selfish and lazy, definitely likes to take shortcuts. Gives good hugs and has a good heart ❤️
    Suggested by   @angela3950
  9. Carla tortelli -Cheers
    She never hesitated to put people in their place, be it through fighting or scathing quips. I always thought she was hysterical with her (many) kids!
  10. Maya Dimeo -Speechless
    She will do anything to protect her kids and give her son JJ what he needs, so he can be included. She drives over the speed limit to get breakfast, berates the principal for the access ramp being at the back of the school where the garbage goes out, and just makes sure JJ has as normal a life as possible.
  11. Lady aberlin -Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
    She was always kind and a great mother figure to Daniel Striped Tiger! She gave him advice (and sometimes he gave her advice), brought him things he needed, helped him become more confident at school, and was always there for a nose nuzzle and an "ugga mugga."
  12. Patty Chase
    Suggested by   @kate81
  13. Olivia benson -Law and Order: SVU
    You don't mess with Mama Bear Benson when it comes to Noah!
  14. Sophia petrillo -the Golden Girls
    She was a hysterical mom to her adult daughter Dorothy, as well as a maternal figure to Blanche and Rose. She gave lots of advice and shared stories of Sicily. And she was a good cook!
  15. Kitty Forman
    Suggested by   @kiraandlulu
  16. Marge Simpson
    Suggested by   @shash
  17. Carol Brady
    It isn't easy blending families and she did a good job of keeping it together. I would have grounded all those children more than once!
    Suggested by   @solitarygigi
  18. Lucy Ricardo -I love Lucy
    She put her own hysterical spin on motherhood!
  19. Lucille Bluth
    Suggested by   @NumbahTwo
  20. Mallory Archer
    Suggested by   @NumbahTwo
  21. Claire Dunphy
    Suggested by   @cvlop61
  22. Zhaan (Farscape)
    Moya's crew was the definition of dysfunctional, but Zhaan held them together long enough to become a family.
    Suggested by   @ThereWillBeGames
  23. Donna Stone(The Donna Reed Show)
    Poise, steadiness and predictability are unsung virtues these days.
    Suggested by   @PassiveAggressor
  24. Mrs. Garrett -The facts of life
    She was a great housemother to Blair, Tootie, Jo, and Natalie at Eastland!
  25. Rayna jaymes -Nashville
    I loved that she introduced her daughters to music and let them perform occasionally. I'm sad she is gone from Nashville, but her musical legacy will live on.
  26. Amy Matthews - Boy Meets World
    She cared about her kids but also let them make their own mistakes & learn from them!
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  27. American Housewife
    It's new. The Gif says it all.
    Suggested by   @cordeliane
  28. Beverly Goldberg
    She will do anything to help her kids follow their dreams. Plus she has a great sweater collection!