Fictional Female Characters I Most Identify With

This list was inspired by @kaydbug89!
  1. Pollyanna
    I was the only kid in kindergarten who loved old Disney movies, my favorite being Pollyanna. I loved her outlook on life! My mom read me the original book, and now I have the first two on my kindle and still love reading them today. I'm also on the lookout to watch every movie adaptation made of this timeless story!
  2. Pippi Longstocking
    My mom read my sister and me the Pippi series before bed, and I spent many hours acting out the chapters with my Polly Pocket people and Polly Pocket pop up mansion as Villa Villakula. The movie from 1988 cemented my admiration of this strong and brave heroine even further. She was never afraid of anything and was outspoken. She's one of a kind!
  3. Dorothy Jane Torkelson
    I watched this show over and over again on the Disney channel as a kid, and I loved Dorothy Jane! She was cool to me because she loved to read and had a window seat in her bedroom. I have a huge book collection now and a window seat in my room!
  4. Harriet the Spy
    I was obsessed with this movie and book in second grade! I wanted to be Harriet and had my notebook and a fanny pack full of spy gear! Harriet taught me to keep my eyes open and to be myself no matter what.
  5. Layla Chatham
    I think Layla and I would be able to bond over our French fry habits alone! Plus she is a loyal friend!