1. I saw Flashdance as a preteen from a VHS tape my parents had.
  2. They tended to tape lots of movies off the TV, along with General Hospital.
  3. I liked how Jennifer Beals danced in the movie at the end.
    I even tried taking ballet, but I lasted about three weeks.
  4. The soundtrack continues to be a favorite of mine today!
    I wonder if I could pull off this look?
  5. My favorite songs off of the soundtrack are "what a feeling" and "Gloria!"
  6. But I also loved the scenery in Pittsburgh.
  7. My grandmother, who we called Grams, lived in a small town near Pittsburgh, and she loved taking us into the city!
  8. She rode with us on the Duquesne Incline, which Alex rides in the movie as she goes to visit her mentor Hanna.
  9. Grams told us about Pittsburgh's history as a steel city, as well as the importance of welding, which was what Alex does by day!
  10. And I remember walking on the various streets and visiting Carnegie Mellon university, where they filmed the dance audition.
  11. I still enjoy watching this movie and listening to the music now!