Full House is a show that has been engrained into my childhood memories for as long as I can remember. And now that Fuller House is on Netflix, I've found myself enjoying it immensely. But I also thought about my memories of the original. So here is a list of my memories!
  1. Watching it with Grandma
    Grandma was my great-grandma, and she baby-sat my sister and me when we were little up until I turned thirteen. Full House aired for a little while on Fox in reruns at 5PM, and then it moved to TBS at 5. We would watch the Tanner clan and laugh. She marveled at how adorable the little Olsen twins were. By the time the hour ended, Mom and Dad were home from work.
  2. Acting out the shows with my sister
    My sister and I acted out our favorite episodes over and over again. I liked the one where Michelle and Stephanie flew to New Zealand the most. We acted out all the parts ourselves and had fun!
  3. Reading the books
    Although the books were new adventures instead of the regular show, I enjoyed reading them a lot!
  4. Watching fuller house now!
    I wasn't like the binge watchers who binged the whole season when it was first uploaded. But i kept wanting to watch more and more. So I spaced it out to two episodes on Friday afternoons because of the original show airing back then. I can't wait for season 2! :-)