Great albums from beginning to end

(This list was inspired by @kaydbug89!) I love listening to music! My iPod is nearly filled to the brim with it! There are many albums thst I have listened to over the years that have impacted me. Here they are in chronological order!
  1. Blue by LeAnn Rimes
    This was the first cassette tape I got that was not children's music related. I thought and still do think her voice is beautiful! I have the 20th anniversary edition on a blue vinyl record too!
  2. Take my hand: songs from the hundred acre wood
    My mom found this at the Disney store and it became a staple on long car rides. While the songs aren't by the Winnie the Pooh characters, they are different interpretations by artists like Kathie Lee Gifford, the Chieftains, Stan Bush and Tyler Collins, among others. I love KLG's song "my balloon" and TC's "never alone (Eeyore's lullaby)!"
  3. I hope you dance by Lee Ann womack
    I loved listening to this album before bed in middle school!
  4. Grease soundtrack
    I have this album on four mediums: cassette tape, CD, vinyl record and iTunes! My mom gave me the cassette when I was 11, but I waited until I was 14 to see the movie. It is such a fun soundtrack to listen and dance to!
  5. Fearless by Taylor Swift
    While I like all of Taylor's albums, this one stands out to me because each song blends into the next one flawlessly. My favorites off of it are "fifteen," "white horse," "you belong with me," and "the best day."
  6. Tapestry by Carole King
    My aunt gave me her vinyl record because she didn't have a record player in her home for a long time. I'm thankful she did because it is such an amazing album!
  7. Between the Lines by Janis Ian
    I found this album in college at an antique store and I played it when I was writing. Her lyrics are pure poetry and the music is gorgeous! I now have her whole album collection on vinyl, and I've met her twice. She is one of the kindest people ever!
  8. Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen
    I'm obsessed with anything Carly records (and she was great as Frenchy in Grease Live)! I like that she writes her own songs too!