Grown up movies I watched as a kid

I watched a lot of kid-appropriate tv shows and movies, but there were also some I saw that weren't. Here are some of them!
  1. My girl
    This is a very early memory of mine. My parents let me watch it with them. I loved the scene when they went swimming. And I thought their names were neat: Vada and Thomas J.
  2. Labyrinth
    I remember taping this off of the Disney channel at 8 years old, and watching it over and over again!
  3. Adventures in babysitting
    This was another Disney channel movie! I still love it now!
  4. Splash
    This movie got a shout out in the first story I ever wrote in second grade! I loved Madison the mermaid! Tom hanks was cute too!
  5. The client
    My dad would watch this a lot and I would watch it with him.
  6. Heavyweights
    Yet another Disney channel find! It is full of humor and heart!