Here are my favorite Tom Hanks movies and moments!
  1. Toy story
    I remember seeing this movie in the theater and then waiting almost a year for it to come out on VHS back then!
  2. A league of their own
    This GIF says it all for me! It will always be my favorite movie ever!
  3. Toy story 2
    I love learning Woody's background in this and how he finds Jessie and Bullseye!
  4. Saving Mr. Banks
    This is a new favorite of mine!
  5. Forrest gump
    My dad loves this film!
  6. His huge typewriter collection
    I love that he is a collector of vintage typewriters and that he gives them away as gifts! I can't wait to read his book too!
  7. Big
    I wish FAO Schwartz was still open! I loved visiting there!
  8. Happy birthday, Tom Hanks!
    Giphy downsized medium
    Thanks for the memories!