Hug Bucket List

Inspired by @lexie_elyse
  1. Carole King
    Actually just being in her presence would be enough, but a hug would be an extra bonus!
  2. Betty White
    She seems like such a sweet lady.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence
  4. Robin Roberts
  5. Diane sawyer
  6. Janis Ian (again)
    I got a hug from her in 2013 after a concert, and I'd love to get one again!
  7. Elaine Hendrix
    Even though she plays a mean character in the parent trap, I've heard she's very nice in real life!
  8. Judy Blume
    I met her in 2015, but I was unable to hug her. Someday I'll get that chance!
  9. Snuffy
    I always loved seeing Big Bird and Snuffy hug on Sesame Street!