Laurie Halse Anderson and me

  1. I met Laurie in second grade in 1996 when she was the visiting author at Bellaire elementary school.
  2. I remember loving her energy and passion for writing, and I was so excited to meet her!
  3. I got some of her picture books and my autograph book signed by her and sat down to read Turkey Pox.
  4. I was so engrossed in the book that I didn't know she was watching me.
  5. Because I am visually impaired, I have to hold things close to my face to see them. She was inspired by my love of reading and never let my vision impairment stop me from reading a great book!
  6. I got her address and we began writing letters to each other about our lives.
  7. I kept hoping I would see her again, and in fifth grade, the principal invited her back and asked me to introduce her!
  8. The story of our friendship made two local newspapers and my elementary school yearbook!
  9. While we still wrote letters to each other, our correspondence changed to e-mail, which I liked because it was faster. We kept in contact and I devoured every one of her books when they were published. I would save them to get autographed in the future.
  10. Sometimes she would even send me autographed copies! :-)
  11. We got to reunite with each other when I was in ninth grade. That was when I surprised her at a bookstore event! She even let me sit with her at the autograph table! :-) I felt like a celebrity!
  12. Here we are from my senior year of high school on her Twisted book tour at Moravian Bookshop in Bethlehem, PA! She invited me up to introduce me to everyone!
  13. This was when I was in my sophomore year of college at the Moravian Bookshop on her Chains book tour!
  14. This was from her Forge book release at Children's book world in 2011!
  15. Impossible knife of memory book tour, 2014!
  16. Ashes book tour, 10/11/2016 at the Newtown Bookshop!
  17. Laurie shared this on her Instagram page this week and I was so surprised to see it!
  18. I'm thankful to have her as one of my best friends and an amazing writing mentor! I'm also thankful to be her best fan! If you get a chance, go see her on her book tour! She is wonderful!