Even though I make enough money through teaching, I like to save gift cards for rainy days and emergencies. Here are some legit apps I like to use that earn points to get gift cards.
  1. Viggle/Perk
    Viggle used to be its own company with gift cards, music, TV shows and a lot more rewards. Perk bought viggle and now they just give out gift cards. I like it because I can spend 5,000 points for an Amazon gift card and keep earning points in other Perk apps! It's nice to be rewarded for watching TV and movies!
  2. Sworkit
    This app rewards you with Mpoints, which can be redeemed for gift cards or donated to charity. There are lots of apps to use for Mpoints too, but I mainly use this one to get rewarded for exercising. You just have to wait a few days to get your gift card depending upon when you cash out.
  3. Swagbucks
    I use this app for iTunes gift cards! There are lots of ways you can earn Swagbucks on your phone and on your computer, and there is a large rewards catalogue too! They are very quick with sending you your gift cards too!
  4. Bing/Microsoft rewards
    Bing recently changed to Microsoft Rewards and there are a lot more ways to earn points for a better payout on your computer or on your phone. I use it on my phone because I like it way more than safari! They also send your reward immediately.
  5. I'm trying out Adlove, Checkpoints, and Updown Fitness. Once I earn enough points in them and get a gift card, I'll consider adding them here!
  6. I'm not using Updown fitness anymore because it doesn't give you points. But I am using AdLove and Checkpoints. I'll update you soon!