Mary Kate and Ashley memories

My sister and I were huge Mary Kate and Ashley fans as kids! It all began with our Full House viewings with our great-grandma and ended with their final film together: New York Minute. Happy 30th birthday to the Olsen twins! To celebrate, I decided to share some of my favorite memories!
  1. The Trenchcoat Twins
    This is my favorite childhood memory because my sister and I would dress like them and solve mysteries!
  2. You're invited!
    The sleepover party was my favorite of this series!
  3. Brother for Sale
    This was the only album I had of the Olsen twins as a kid on cassette and it provided a great soundtrack to my childhood. You can find the songs on YouTube!
  4. It takes two
    Loved this movie! :-)
  5. To grandmother's house we go
    I remember watching this on TV when I was five and loving it!
  6. Passport to Paris
    This began my sister's love of Paris while I was more of a London fan (but I didn't like Winning London). It has a great soundtrack full of pop songs too!
  7. Holiday in the sun
    This movie made us want to go to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas! And it introduced us to Play (a fun pop group of girls)!
  8. New York Minute
    I saw this movie at the drive in when I was in middle school. I really liked it. I was more like Jane, but I wanted Roxy's wardrobe!