1. This week was happy and sad for me because of losing my grandpa, but I feel comforted by the many memories we shared. His memorial was on Friday and it was amazing to see the impact he'd had on so many people. I wanted to share some of the memories he had with us.
  2. He was a chemistry teacher and the head of the science department at my old high school (he retired when I was 3). He hired two of my former science teachers. Mr. R. came to the service and shared memories with me.
  3. He was known as "The Umpire" and coached baseball and softball beginning with my dad's little league team and ending with a high school softball team. He also kept score at the church softball games.
  4. He sang in our church choir.
  5. He volunteered his time to many organizations.
  6. He loved going to the family reunion out in Michigan every year.
  7. He drove my sister and me around in his cool car!
  8. He took us to feed the ducks at a local lake.
  9. He bought us American girl dolls after we wrote book reports and explained why we wanted them.
  10. He loved us unconditionally.
  11. Rest in peace, Pop-Pop. I love you!