Over the years, my family has had some memorable Thanksgiving holidays!
  1. Dinner at Boston market
    We went there one year with my Grams and Aunt Courtenay (mom's sister). My memory of it is a bit fuzzy, but we had fun! I think that was the year I got sick at my kindergarten Thanksgiving feast, and I was also upset that there was no school on Friday because I wanted to bring my stuffed Sneezy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for show and tell!
  2. Thanksgiving in New England
    My paternal grandparents took us to Boston when I was in eighth grade in 2002. We had Thanksgiving dinner in Mystic, CT. My grandpa stole a mug from the restaurant! I ate lots of Boston cream pie that vacation and we went to Cheers!
  3. Our last Thanksgiving with Grams
    My uncle Curt and then-aunt Sony (he got divorced from her and remarried) flew in from Minnesota and my aunt Courtenay and us all got together at Grams's apartment building for dinner. We also watched Hello, Dolly! That was in 2003.
  4. Having our bird at Bethany Beach
    We now have Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Cindy's beach house, except for last year when Pop-Pop couldn't make the long trip. I love going there because we go Black Friday shopping at the outlets in Rehoboth too!