Movies I Watched in School

I loved when we got to watch movies in school, and we watched a lot of them! Here are some of my favorites!
  1. Scamper the penguin
    We watched this in kindergarten and in first grade (my first grade teacher loves penguins) and again in fourth grade when we paired up with first grade buddies (my sister was mine). I still love watching it now! Such a sweet message!
  2. Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
    Another first grade film! The fifth graders put it on as a play and I was obsessed with the book after watching the movie. It was the only time I got a note sent home by my teacher because I was reading the book underneath my desk!
  3. Pete's Dragon
    I asked if we could watch this after studying dragons in second grade. My teacher said yes, and my class enjoyed it!
  4. Muppet sing along: it's not easy being green
    Whenever our music teacher was sick, we watched a music movie instead. I loved the Muppets version of "kokomo!"
  5. One magic Christmas
    I loved watching this in fifth grade! Such a beautiful Christmas movie!
  6. Remember the Titans
    I first saw this in sixth grade and it has since become one of my favorites!
  7. That thing you do!
    Because my middle school music teacher didn't always feel like teaching, we would watch music movies. Among them were Amadeus and That Thing You Do! That song is so catchy!
  8. Teen father CBS schoolbreak special
    My middle school health teacher was big on these CBS schoolbreak and ABC after-school specials. This was one I remember because it was about a teenager who stepped up to be a good dad to his daughter. And it showed what happened after the baby was born. I'm going to make a separate list of my favorite specials too!
  9. The Ryan white story
    My ninth grade health teacher showed movies a lot, and he was big on TV movies. I remember this one because he kept singing "small town" by John cougar mellencamp after it was over!
  10. Dead poets society
    My tenth grade English teacher got in major trouble for showing us this movie because the district was starting to not let us watch movies in class anymore, but he showed it to us anyway. One of Robin Williams's best roles.
  11. A few good men
    My twelfth grade history teacher also got in trouble for showing this to us, but it was worth it because it became another favorite film of mine.