1. Christmas and Christmas Volume II -Alabama
    This album played a huge role in my childhood. My parents played it as they (and eventually my sister and I) decorated the Christmas tree. I'm hoping to get it on vinyl record.
  2. Christmas Eve on Sesame Street
    I had this on a cassette before, but now I have it on a record and a Spotify playlist. Santa Claus narrates the story of big bird trying to find out how Santa gets down the chimney, Ernie and Bert's reenactment of the gift of the magi, and cookie monster's struggle to write a letter to Santa while he eats every communication device!
  3. A Christmas together -John Denver and the muppets
    I didn't know about this album until high school, but I heard the songs on the radio here and there. It is a beautiful album with music and stories!
  4. Hallmark's home for the holidays
    Anyone have this album? Trisha yearwood and point of grace sing Christmas songs and there are also some beautiful instrumental carols by this great orchestra. I remember it playing throughout my childhood.