I always start listening to Christmas music in November when a local adult contemporary radio station plays it. I have a lot of favorites, but I did my best to narrow it down to some old and new favorites!
  1. "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" -Elmo and Patsy
    I was afraid of this song when I was little, but after a while, I started to like it. It's hysterical! One of my BFFs and I text each other whenever we hear it because we both like the song!
  2. "Feliz navidad" -Jose feliciano
    This song has been a favorite since I was little because of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street! I still call it "big bird's skating song!"
  3. "Twelve days of Christmas" -John Denver & the muppets
    I first heard this song on the radio, in addition to in my sixth grade social studies class. I still love listening to it!
  4. "Do you hear what I hear" -Whitney Houston
    This is my favorite Christmas song of all time! :-) She did a beautiful job on it and her Christmas album! RIP.
  5. "This Christmas" -Nelson and Alyssa bonagura
    I heard this on the radio the first day the Christmas music began playing, and I loved it! I'm obsessed with Alyssa's album and song "I make my own sunshine," and this song is so cool!
  6. "The night before Christmas" -Carly Simon
    I remember hearing this song on the radio for years and really enjoying it. I still love it today!
  7. "Breath of heaven (Mary's song)" -Amy grant
    My sister was named after Amy grant because my mom heard one of her Christmas songs on the radio when she was in the hospital. She can't remember what it was, but every time I hear anything by Amy Grant, I think of Mom. This song is so beautiful! It makes me cry every time I hear it!
  8. "Same old Lang syne" -Dan fogelberg
    I heard this song in college, and I listen to it even when it's not Christmas. Such a beautiful story and I like that it was based off of a real encounter with an ex-girlfriend.
  9. "Oh holy night" -home alone
    I can't remember the name of the actual choir, but I watched home alone last night and fell in love with this beautiful piece. The voices blend together in perfect harmony!