My favorite Disney channel original movies

Since adventures in babysitting is being remade into a Disney channel original movie (and the Disney channel was where I first saw the original version), and there was also a marathon of DCOMs last weekend, I got to thinking about my favorite DCOMs! Here they are!
  1. Tru confessions
    It was advertised on the Disney channel as starring "Shia lebeouf in his most dramatic role ever" and I remember being glued to the screen. Shia plays Eddie, a mentally challenged teenager who drives his twin sister Trudy or "Tru" crazy. But Tru realizes how much Eddie really means to her through filming his story for a movie contest.
  2. Double teamed
    This is one of two DCOMs that we own on VHS tape (the other is The Luck of the Irish). I liked how the Burge twins worked together to help the team win the championship.
  3. Cadet Kelly
    I was and still am a huge Hilary Duff fan as a middle echooler, and I loved this movie. I live in a small town that has an army base nearby and I love meeting the new families that move here for a year or two. One of my best friends has parents who were military teachers too. My favorite part in the movie was when Kelly paints Jennifer's hair in a rainbow design!
  4. A ring of endless light
    I have the book by the lady that wrote the A Wrinkle in Time series, but I think the movie is more magical, especially when Mischa Barton's character swims with the dolphins. I love to watch dolphins jump and swim!
  5. Eddie's million dollar cook off
    Watching this movie again now reminded me why I wrote my story "a mother for Melvin." It breaks down gender stereotypes and it also shows the dad supporting Eddie by the time the movie ends.
  6. The color of friendship
    I watched this movie for the first time in high school and I wrote a paper on Nelson Mandela in college. While this film is not about Nelson Mandela, it discusses apartheid in South Africa. I liked how Maree and Piper were able to become friends!
  7. Miracle in lane 2
    One of my BFFs has the same condition as Justin (hydrocephalus), but she is not in a wheelchair. I loved how Justin changed soapbox Derby racing with the help of his handbrake.
  8. Get a clue
    This is my favorite fictional DCOM because of Lindsay Lohan and her friends becoming sleuths to solve the mystery. My sister and I still love watching it from time to time!